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Student Collaboration Groups

  1. Alex, Dawid, Jesper & Sebastian
  2. Frederik & Sol
  3. Mark & Peter
  4. Jacob, Filip & Alexander Haubo
  5. Joanna, Blazej, Jakub, Kacper & Mateusz
  6. Dorian, Victor
  7. Martin, Dipti, Bibhut & Luka
  8. Lubos & Veselin
  9. Piotr, Daniel, Emil, Anders
  10. Anders, Marton

Learning outcome - Plan

Course outline plan


Cisco Packet tracer

Packet Tracer is a Cisco router simulator that can be utilized in training and education, but also in research for simple computer network simulations. The tool is created by Cisco Systems and provided for free distribution to faculty, students, and alumni who are or have participated in the Cisco Networking Academy. The purpose of Packet Tracer is to offer students and teachers a tool to learn the principles of networking as well as develop Cisco technology specific skills.

Download Packet Tracer

IT Technology Network Module 2
Check Session Lessons Instructor Subjects Assignments
Done 1 4 MiOK
  • General introduction to ITT Semester 2 Network PowerPoint
  • Enterprise design [1]
  • Design Requirements[2]
assignment1: [3]

Done 2 4 MiOK
  • Identify Customer Requirements
  • Characterizing the Existing Network[5]
  • Designing the Network Topology and documentation [6]
Network design exercise [7]
with customer emphasis on redundancy, security and estimated speeds. Perform a prototype test and the test results should be included in your documentation.

IP Telephony is a future requirement and need not to be implemented in the two phases.

Done 3 4 MiOK IP addressing plan and subnetting
Class activity to be completed by students - Packet tracer

Done 4 4 MiOK OSPF single area + Configuration [8]
Class activity to be completed by students - Packet tracer continues..
 To be submitted by Friday 12 February.

subnetting example for the Design Network assignemnt

Done 5 4 MiOK OSPF multiple area + Configuration

summary power point

Class activity to be completed by students - Packet tracer

[10] Packet tracer assignement

Done 6 4 MiOK EIGRP


Class activity to be completed by students - Packet tracer
Student presentation on part of a design assignment.

Done 7 4 MiOK EIGRP


Class activity to be completed by students - Packet tracer

Done 8 4 MiOk Network Security

Dos Attack


  class discussion

Done 9 4 MiOK ACL Class activity to be completed by students - Packet tracer

ACL Demonstration

Configuring standard ACL

session 7.4 power point

  Problem: Develop an access list to prevent any port 137 SMB data packets from anywhere or going anywhere to enter or exit the router’s Serial0/0 interface

ACL - Morning review Class Example

Done 10 4 MiOK Router security Router and switch security

done 11 4 MiOK Switch security SSH Configuration

Configure ACL on VTY lines

 Configure a numbered standard ACL: access-list <acess-list_number_Standard> permit host <IP-Adresse>  
 access-list <acess-list_number_Standard> deny host <IP-Adresse> <wildcard>
 Place a named standard ACL on the router: Router(config)# line vty 0 15

 Router(config-line)# access-class <acess-list_number_Standard> in

Challlenge work

Done 12 4 MiOK VPN security Students to find out and write a Group journal on VPN security - HOME - OFFICE

Due 13 4 MiOK DHCP
ACL, ROUTER and SWITCH password recovery,
/Vinkelvej+20,+8800+Viborg/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x464be4f6831f818f:0x9faa29f520ebcb85?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjmm468ta_LAhVGUhQKHUfdCwcQiBMIOjAH direction
  We will meet at Mercantec -
  date: 08/03-2016 
  address: H.C. Andersen 9 
  time:    at 8:15
  location: Cantine

DHCP operation and configuration on a router
DHCP activity, Password recovery procedure
dhcp configuration
DHCP configuration Packet Tracer
DHCP PT activity

Due 14 4 MiOK
  Troubleshooting assignment
troubleshooting acl

Due 15 4 MiOK

Due 16 4 MiOK

VZoRu377ajE|212|left|Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer}}

Packet tracer activities

Download the activities and open them in packet tracer to start the activity.

Packet tracer tip

When starting a big network in packet tracer it may take a few minutes before all connectivity is established. To avoid that press the button Fast Forward Time a few times.

Iperf measurement tool - Download & installation

Cisco configuration

Links for Wireless subject & tools