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IOS Firewall Feature set

This page is part of the Netband Project

Context Based Access Control (CBAC)

  • filters TCP and UDP packets based on application-layer protocol session information.
  • more flexible than access control lists, that checks packets at the network layer, or at most, the transport layer
  • inspects packet sequence numbers in TCP connections
  • detects unusually high rates of new connections and issue alert messages.
  • creates temporary openings in the return acl to allow traffic back in.


  • Note: The router only keeps track of the configured protocols. Unconfigured protocols are allowed through without inspection or tracking if the interface acls permit
 ip inspect audit-trail 
 ip inspect name iosfw ftp
 ip inspect name iosfw tcp
 ip inspect name iosfw udp
 ip inspect name iosfw http
 ip inspect name iosfw https
interface FastEthernet0/0
 description OUTSIDE
 ip inspect iosfw out
 ip access-group 101 in
 access-list 101 permit udp any eq isakmp any eq isakmp
 access-list 101 permit esp any any
 access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq 22
 access-list 101 deny   ip any any log


B1rt1#sh ip inspect sessions
Established Sessions
 Session 65E14830 (>( http SIS_OPEN
 Session 65E15310 (>( http SIS_OPEN
 Session 65E15058 (>( http SIS_OPEN
 Session 65E155C8 (>( http SIS_OPEN
  • Syslog audit trail
Apr 27 10:22:06.521: %FW-6-SESS_AUDIT_TRAIL_START: Start http session: initiator ( -- responder (
Apr 27 10:22:18.044: %FW-6-SESS_AUDIT_TRAIL: Stop http session: initiator ( sent 1247 bytes -- responder ( sent 144791 bytes

Apr 27 10:48:36.770: %FW-6-SESS_AUDIT_TRAIL_START: Start tcp session: initiator ( -- responder (
Apr 27 10:49:30.769: %FW-6-SESS_AUDIT_TRAIL: Stop tcp session: initiator ( sent 74 bytes -- responder ( sent 255 bytes

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Authentication Proxy (Incomplete)

  • can be used to authenticate and authorize
aaa authorization auth-proxy default group RTP
ip auth-proxy auth-proxy-banner
ip auth-proxy auth-cache-time 10
ip auth-proxy name auth_proxy_acl http
ip auth-proxy auth_proxy_acl

Port to Application Mapping (PAM)

  • customize TCP or UDP port numbers for network services or applications.
  • information in the PAM table enables CBAC supported services to run on nonstandard ports
  • allows cbac to track user customized ports


ip port-map http port tcp 8001 description Alternative http port
ip inspect name iosfw http
  • The same port can be mapped to different services on different hosts
access-list 10 permit
access-list 20 permit
ip port-map http port 8001 list 10
ip port-map http ftp 8001 list 20
  • User-defined port map
ip port-map user-streaming port tcp 8000 description Custom Video Streaming port
ip inspect name iosfw user-streaming


B1rt1#sh ip port-map http
Default mapping:  http                 tcp port 80                         system defined
Default mapping:  http                 tcp port 8001                       user defined
B1rt1#sh ip port-map
Default mapping:  user-streaming       tcp port 8000                       user defined

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