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  • Allows all NMS's to manage the device


  • Read-only access
snmp-server community ciscodisco RO
  • Read-write access
snmp-server community ciscodisco RW
  • Only allow the NMS
snmp-server community ciscodisco RO 2
access-list 2 permit


  • Choose one of the security models
snmp-server group snmp-group v3 priv
snmp-server group snmp-group v3 auth
snmp-server group snmp-group v3 noauth
  • Create a user and associate it with a group, specify the passwords and encryption
snmp-server user snmp-user snmp-group v3 auth sha ciscodisco priv des56 ciscodisco
  • Syntax
snmp-server user username groupname [remote ip-address [udp-port port]] {v1 | v2c | v3 [encrypted] [auth {md5 | sha} auth-password]} [access access-list]
 | [priv [des | 3des |aes] priv-password [access access-list] ]

SNMP traps

  • Enable certain traps
snmp-server enable traps config-copy
snmp-server enable traps bgp
  • Enable all traps
snmp-server enable traps
  • Control which traps are sent to who
snmp-server host ciscodisco bgp
snmp-server host ciscodisco config-copy

SNMPv1 traps

snmp-server host version 1 ciscodisco


snmp-server host ciscodisco

SNMPv2 traps

snmp-server host version 2c ciscodisco

SNMPv3 traps

snmp-server host version 3 priv snmp-user

SNMP Informs

snmp-server enable traps
snmp-server host informs version 2c ciscodisco

Cisco MIB's

Get from Cisco MIB Locater