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Module 2 - Generic VoIP

Ascom content suggestion

Prior attending Module 2 certificate from Module 1 required Training session includes following topics for basic understanding of VoIP in order to work with any Ascom Wireless VoIP product. Certification test required after class

  • Basic QoS, DSCP, P-tagging knowledge
  • Basic H323, SIP, Q-Sig
  • Basic WAN
  • PBX technology
  • Telephony services, -CLIP, CNIP, CFU, CFNR…
  • VoIP (IPPBX knowledge Gatekeeper, Registrar)
Abr. Meaning Explanation
CLIP Calling Line Identification Presentation Caller ID presentatioin
CNIP Calling Number Identification Presentation CNIP
CFU Call Forwarding Unconditional CFU
CFNR Call Forward No Reply Cisco CFNR