Cisco 7940 and 7960 as SIP phone

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  • To perform a soft reset of the Cisco 7940/7960 phone; hold the *, 6 and <Settings> key at the same time
Unlock your phone by pressing **# (for old firmware) or selecting unlock config from the config menu and type in the password (default is ‘cisco‘)
  • To help debug SIP connections:
    • Telnet to the Cisco 7940/7960 phone (You can find the IP address by looking at the network settings on the phone)
    • Login using the password you set in the SIPDefault.cnf file - cisco
To watch the sip messages, type: debug sip-messages
To turn off, type: tty mon 0
  • To see errors in the *.cfg file, type: show status
Note: You will see the following messages and can ignore them…
W351 unprovisioned proxy_emergency
W350 unprovisioned proxy_backup