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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT™)


DECT is suitable for voice, data, and networking applications with a range up to 500 meters.


Abr. Meaning Explanation
CC Call Control Signaling
CISS Call Independent Supplementary Service -
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications The standard
DECT-TS DECT Technical Specification As RFC's in IP
DECT-CI DECT Common Specification -
DECT-DSAA DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm A handset authenticate with the system
DECT-DSCA DECT Standard Ciphering Algorithm Encrypt Voice and Signaling
DECT-CAP Cordless Terminal Mobility Profile
DECT-GAP DECT Generic Access Profile -
DECT-DRPS DECT Packet Radio Service Data over DECT
DECT-IP DECT Internet Protocol IP over DECT
DECT-FR DECT Base Station -
DECT-FP DECT Fixed Part The base station
DECT-PP DECT Protable Part The handset
DECT-FT DECT Fixed radio Terminations The base station
DECT-PT DECT Portable radio Terminations The handset
LCE Link Control Entity
IPBS IP DECT Base Station
PARI Primary Access Rights Identifier Common identifier for all base stations in a DECT system
SARI Secondary Access Rights Identifier If PARI between base station and handset doesn't match SARI is checked. (Multisystem)

DECT Hacking

Kismet support DECT sniffing by using this plugin.
The GNU Radio project utilizes the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) by Matt Ettus.
The COM-ON-AIR Dect PCMCIA card comes with windows drivers and allow a computer to function as a Dect Base Station(FP) and relay calls to a SIP IP PBX.
DECT support on wireshark is possible with the wireshark-1.0.5_dect.patch in Wireshark 1.0.5