IOI DTH1 oktober 2010

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Install Ubuntu server. Version used 11.04. During installation choice:

  • kubuntu KDE desktop
  • Open-ssh

After installation

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install gns3 dynamips qemu
apt-get install xrdp
apt-get install fluxbox
apt-get install xterm
apt-get install xnest
apt-get install unrar-free
apt-get install qemu

To connect from a Windows client

Connection with Xming

Start Xlaunch

SelectMultiple Windows
Select start a program
Start xterm and select Putty and connect to GNS-server with credentials
Next and finish

Starting GNS3 for the first time

When Xming displays the Xterm tou need to get root rights and start GNS3

Start gns3 with root rights
Initial gns3 startup
Test dynamips startup
Test Qemu startup. (See the changed path)
Install IOS images. (7200 image seems to be stable)