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MCBSTM32C is a ARM based evaluation board using a Cortex-M3 core based on the STMicroelectronics STM32F107VC ARM Controller.




Keil Development tools

Using license local on Mercantec

Use wired local network or use wireless SSID dt3 for access to server.

Licens ude fra Internettet

Indsæt følgende linie i din hosts fil (C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) mercstor.tekkom.local
<notice>C:></notice> net use S: \\mercstor.tekkom.local\license /user:elev <notice>SECRET-PASSWORD</notice>

Under File... License Management... Select the Floating License tab and browse to the .FLF file on the server through the Add Product... button. On clicking OK, a web browser should open with the Floating License details automatically filled. On completion of the web browser, an e-mail is sent immediately with a license key to paste into the Floating License page.

Use: \\l mercstor.tekkom.local\license as PATH when selecting floating license.

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