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Diverse Forkortelser

PE = Provider Edge, Kant router

P = Provider Equipment

CE = Customer Edge

C = Customer Equipment

CPE = Customer Placed Equipment, Kunde placeret udstyr

AS = Autonunomos System, Et begrænset antal routere under fælles Administration.

CIDR = Classless Interdomain Routing

RFC = Request For Comments (en standart)

RAS = Remote Access Server

DAS = Direct Access Server

BBRAS = BroadBand Access Server

DUAL = Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)

PDM = Protocol-dependent modules (PDMs) are responsible for network layer protocol-specific requirements. EIGRP supports IP,AppleTalk, and Novell NetWare. Each protocol has its own EIGRP module and operates independently from any of the others that may be running.

RTP = RTP is responsible for guaranteed ordered delivery and reception of EIGRP packets to all neighbors. RTP supports intermixed transmission of multicast and unicast packets. For efficiency, only certain EIGRP packets are transmitted reliably.

SRTT = (smoothed round-trip time): Average number of milliseconds it takes for an EIGRP packet to be sent to this neighbor and for the local router to receive an acknowledgment of that packet. This timer determines the retransmit interval, also known as the retransmission timeout (RTO).

RTO = (retransmission timeout): Amount of time, in milliseconds, that the router waits for an acknowledgment before retransmitting a reliable packet from the retransmission queue to a neighbor. If an EIGRP update, query, or reply is sent, a copy of the packet is queued. If the RTO expires before an acknowledgment is received, another copy of the queued packet is sent.

SIA = stuck in active (SIA)

LSDB = link-state database (LSDB)

SPF = Shortest Path First (SPF)

Ospf Challange Lab Noter

Hvis man skal lave en restribute mellem OSPF og EIGRP, skal man sætte en default metric på EIGRP siden. Kommandoen man skal bruge ser sådan ud:

router eigrp 65000
 redistribute ospf 1 metric 1000 10 255 255 1500

IS-IS Notes

IS-IS and OSPF are more similar than dissimilar. Both routing protocols have the following characteristics:

  • Open-standard link-state routing protocols
  • Support VLSM
  • Support route summarization between areas
  • Similar mechanisms to maintain the health of the LSDB (link-state advertisements [LSAs], link-state aging timers,and LSDB synchronization)
  • Use the shortest path first (SPF) algorithm, with similar update, decision, and flooding processes
  • Successful in the largest and most demanding ISP networks
  • Converge quickly after network changes

The basic setup of IS-IS requires four steps.

  • Step 1 Map out the areas, plan the addressing, and determine which interfaces are to participate in the IS-IS routing process.
  • Step 2 Enable IS-IS on the router with the router isis global configuration command.
  • Step 3 Configure the NET address with the net router configuration command.
  • Step 4 Enable Integrated IS-IS on the appropriate interfaces with the ip router isis interface configuration command.

Commands to do this

router isis [area-tag] enable isis as an IP routing protocol and assigns a tag to the process (optional). Given in global 
configuration mode.

net network-entity-title Identifies the router for isis by assigning a net to the router. Given in global configuration mode.

Ip router isis [area-tag] enable isis on the interface that run isis (this approach is slightly different than most IP routing protocols,
where the interface are defined by network statements; there is no network statement under the isis process.) Given in interface 
configuration mode.

BGP Notes


Diverse Ting om BGP

Er meget skalerbar

Er international

Version 4 (BGP4)


BGP-4 Autonomt System felt består af 16 bit.

Bgp speacker - Alle routere der kører bgp er en bgp speaker.

BGP Kan anvendes men er ikke et krav.

BGP kan anvendes til:

- External Routing Policies

- Load sharing

BGP er extrem god til at undgå loops.


Dixx = et sted hvor man udveksler trafik oplysninger, Den sidder mellem sammenkoblinger på mange routere.

Dixx er en computer der op fanger alle routere, og alle routnings tabeller.

Dixxen overføre routningstabeller til alle routere der er tilkoblet den.