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This page is part of the Netband Project

  • provides accesscontrol at the switchport
  • Consists of
    • Auhtenticator
      • The device that handles the authentication on behalf of the clients
    • Supplicant(client)
      • The clients conencting to the network
    • Authentication server
      • Radius server


  • Allows only one host on a switchport
  • The host must be authenticated before normal traffic will be allowed through the switchport
  • The host must be 802.1x compatible

<pre"> aaa new-model ! dot1x system-auth-control ! aaa authentication dot1x default group Hq_radius_server ! aaa group server radius Hq_radius_server

server auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646

! radius-server key ciscodisco </pre>

  • 12.2(46)SE and earlier
interface FastEthernet0/10
  dot1x port-control auto
  dot1x host-mode single-host
  dot1x violation-mode protect
  • 12.2(50)SE or later
interface FastEthernet0/10
 authentication port-control auto 
 authentication host-mode single-host
 authentication violation protect

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