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Control Plane Policing

  • The Control Plane Policing feature allows users to configure a quality of service (QoS) filter that manages the traffic flow of control plane packets to protect the control plane of Cisco IOS routers and switches against reconnaissance and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
  • CoPP can help maintain packet forwarding and protocol states despite an attack or heavy traffic load on the router or switch.
  • Uses MQC (Modular QoS CLI)
  • In version 12.4(4)T additional features were introduced
    • Control plane protection
    • Port-filtering
    • Queue-thresholding

Control Plane Protection

  • Introduces subinterfaces to the control plane
  • Aggregrate Control Plane Policing
    • Control Plane cef-exception subinterface
      • receives all traffic that is either redirected as a result of a configured input feature in the CEF packet forwarding path for process switching or directly enqueued in the control plane input queue by the interface driver.
      • Eg. ARP, L2 Keepalives and all non-IP host traffic.
    • Control Plane host subinterface
      • receives all control-plane IP traffic that is directly destined for one of the router interfaces.
      • All host traffic terminates on and is processed by the router.
      • Eg. SSH, SNMP, BGP, OSPF, Tunnel termination and EIGRP.
    • Control Plane transit subinterface
      • receives all control-plane IP traffic that is software switched by the route processor.


Port-filter policy

  • Blocks traffic destined to closed or nonlistened TCP/UDP ports
  • Only works with the host subinterface.
  • Maintains a global database of all open TCP and UDP ports on the router, including ports created by applications.

Queue Threshold Policy

  • limits the number of unprocessed packets for a given higher level protocol allowed in the control-plane IP input queue.


Control plane Policing

Versions prior to 12.4(4)T or if you only want to configure the aggregate interface

ip access-list extended coppacl-igp
 permit ospf any host
 permit ospf any host
 permit ospf any any
ip access-list extended coppacl-management
 permit tcp any eq 22
 permit tcp any eq telnet
 permit udp host any eq snmp
 permit udp host any eq ntp
ip access-list extended coppacl-monitoring
 permit icmp any any ttl-exceeded
 permit icmp any any port-unreachable
 permit icmp any any echo-reply
 permit icmp any any echo
ip access-list extended coppacl-critical-app
 permit udp host host eq bootps
 permit udp host eq bootps any eq bootps
class-map match-all coppclass-igp
 match access-group name coppacl-igp
class-map match-all coppclass-management
 match access-group name coppacl-management
class-map match-all coppclass-monitoring
 match access-group name coppacl-monitoring
class-map match-all coppclass-critical-app
 match access-group name coppacl-critical-app
class-map match-all coppclass-layer2
 match protocol arp
policy-map copp-policy
 class coppclass-igp
 class coppclass-management
  police rate 250 pps conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
 class coppclass-monitoring
  police rate 50 pps conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
 class coppclass-critical-app
  police rate 75 pps conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
 class coppclass-layer2
  police rate 25 pps conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
 class class-default
  police rate 10 pps conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
 service-policy input copp-policy

Port-filter policy

class-map type port-filter match-any portfilter-cmap
 match  closed-ports
policy-map type port-filter portfilter-pmap
 class portfilter-cmap
control-plane host
 service-policy type port-filter input portfilter-pmap

Queue-threshold policy

class-map type queue-threshold match-all queue-cmap
 match host-protocols
policy-map type queue-threshold queue-pmap
class queue-cmap
 queue-limit 100
control-plane host
 service-policy type queue-threshold input queue-pmap

Show output

B1rt1#sh control-plane host open-ports
Active internet connections (servers and established)
Prot        Local Address      Foreign Address                  Service    State
 tcp                 *:22                  *:0               SSH-Server   LISTEN
 tcp                 *:23                  *:0                   Telnet   LISTEN
 tcp                 *:80                  *:0                HTTP CORE   LISTEN
 tcp                 *:22               SSH-Server ESTABLIS
 udp                 *:67                  *:0            DHCPD Receive   LISTEN
 udp                 *:68                  *:0             BootP client   LISTEN
 udp                *:123                  *:0                      NTP   LISTEN
B1rt1#sh control-plane host counters
Control plane host path counters :

Feature                  Packets Processed/Dropped/Errors

TCP/UDP Portfilter           3337/2028/0
Protocol Queue Threshold      384/0/0

B1rt1#sh control-plane counters
Feature Path             Packets processed/dropped/errors
Aggregate                  392996/2628/0
Host                         9373/2135/0
Transit                    369604/0/0
Cef-exception               11391/0/0

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