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Module 2: EIGRP

2.1 EIGRP Fundamentals and Features

  • Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is a Cisco-proprietary routing protocol. It has been described as a hybrid routing protocol, because it combines the best of distance vector routing protocols with link-state algorithms.

2.2 EIGRP Components and Operation

2.3 Implementing and Verifying EIGRP

2.4 Implementing Advanced EIGRP Features

2.5 Configuring EIGRP Authentication

2.6 Using EIGRP in the Enterprise

Module 3: OSPF

3.8 Virtual Links

Enable OSPF & Virtual-link

router ospf 1
area 51 virtual-link
network area 51
network area 51
network area 11


A virtual link is a link that allows discontiguous area 0s to be connected or a disconnected area to be connected to area 0 via a transit area. You should use the OSPF virtual link feature only in very specific cases, such as for temporary connections or backup after a failure. Virtual links should not be used as a primary backbone design feature and should be avoided if possible.

The area virtual-link command includes the router ID of the far-end router. To find the router ID in the far-end router, use the:<br>

show ip ospf

show ip ospf interface

show ip protocol

commands on that remote router, as illustrated in the Figure


Module 4: Integrated IS-IS

4.4 Configuring Basic Integrated IS-IS