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DHCP Snooping

This page is part of the Netband Project

  • DHCP snooping is a DHCP security feature that provides network security by filtering untrusted DHCP messages and by building and maintaining a DHCP snooping binding database, also referred to as a DHCP snooping binding table.
  • The DHCP snooping bindings are also used by the security features Dynamic Arp Inspection and IP Source Guard.


ip dhcp snooping vlan 3,5
ip dhcp snooping information option allow-untrusted
ip dhcp snooping
interface FastEthernet0/1
 description HQdc1
 ip dhcp snooping trust


HQSW1#sh ip dhcp snooping binding
MacAddress          IpAddress        Lease(sec)  Type           VLAN  Interface
------------------  ---------------  ----------  -------------  ----  --------------------
00:1B:2A:79:5F:53        208         dhcp-snooping  5     FastEthernet0/13
00:03:47:C9:9F:AC        218         dhcp-snooping  3     FastEthernet0/2
00:21:5A:F7:F1:01        51          dhcp-snooping  5     FastEthernet0/11
Total number of bindings: 3
HQSW1#sh ip dhcp snooping
Switch DHCP snooping is enabled
DHCP snooping is configured on following VLANs:
Insertion of option 82 is enabled
   circuit-id format: vlan-mod-port
    remote-id format: MAC
Option 82 on untrusted port is allowed
Verification of hwaddr field is enabled
Interface                    Trusted     Rate limit (pps)
------------------------     -------     ----------------
FastEthernet0/1              yes         unlimited

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