3-tier design

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We are going to configure the following 3-tier design in steps
PNG diagram
Download the setup as a PDF

Campus Configuration

Configure the campus core and the 2 distribution blocks with OSPF and the other needed protocols.

  1. Configure Hostnames on all devices in the Campus Config/Info
  2. Configure IP addresses on all devices
    1. Configure ip addresses on all routed ports Config/Info
    2. Configure ip addresses on all SVI interfaces Config
  3. Configure VTP configuration Info
    1. The distribution switches should be VTP Servers Config
    2. The Access Switches should be VTP Clients Config
    3. The VTP Domain and password should be different in each block Config
  4. Configure Distribution Switch 1 to be the STP Master for alle PVST+ instances Config/Info
  5. Configure HSRP on all SVI interfaces Config/Info
  6. Configure Etherchannel between the distibution switches Config/Info
  7. Configure trunk ports between the Distribution and Access Switches Config/Info
  8. Configure the access switches with an ip address in the MGMT VLAN Config
  9. Configure ports for the clients Config/Info
  10. Configure OSPF Info
    1. Configure OSPF area 0 on all interconnects Config
    2. Configure OSPF area 1/2 on the distribution blocks
    3. Do Not use stub areas
  11. Configure a static default route on HQFW01 point to
  12. Redistribute the default route into OSPF Config
  13. Configure NAT/PAT on HQFW01 Config/Info

Branch Configuration

  1. Add another ethernet interface to the HQFW01 Router
  2. Configure the internet as a norman Layer 2 switch
  3. Configure the Branch 1 equipment
    1. Configure IP addresses on all devices
    2. Configure SVI interfaces for the user LANs
  4. Configure tunnel interfaces to connect the Branch with HQ Config
  5. Configure OSPF across the tunnel
    1. Configure Area 10 for the user LANs inside Branch 1
  6. Configure FrameRelay as the primary WAN connection Config
    1. Configure frame-relay maps for the missing routers Config

Routed Access

  1. Create an addressing scheme for the network that supports Routed Access Layers
    1. The Access switches only need room for 48 hosts in each VLAN
    2. The access switches needs min. 2 VLANs. Data and Voice
    3. All Access switches need a loopback interface for management.
    4. Tune OSPF timers in packet tracer as much as possible.
    5. Configure alle the Distribution, Core switches and Routers with Loopback interfaces too.
  2. To make management easier configure a DNS server
    1. The Server should be configured in the Data VLAN on Access Switch 1 in Distribution Block 1
    2. Configure all the network equipment with a A record for the loopback address