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CCNA semester II

Skema uge 42

CCNA R&S semester II
Dato Dag Formiddag (08:00) Eftermiddag (12:00) Underviser
14. okt Mandag IOI IOI Carsten Hedegaard
15. okt Tirsdag IOI IOI Carsten Hedegaard
16. okt Onsdag Kap. 1 gennemgnang Kap. 2 gennemgang Rasmus Elmholt
17. apr Torsdag Kap. 3 gennemgang - VLAN Opgave Kap 4 gennemgang Rasmus Elmholt
18. apr Fredag Kap. 5 gennemgang - Router-PT Fri!! Rasmus Elmholt

Skema uge 43

CCNA R&S semester II
Dato Dag Formiddag (08:00) Eftermiddag (12:00) Underviser
21. okt Mandag Kap. 6 gennemgnang Kap. 7 gennemgang Rasmus Elmholt
22. okt Tirsdag Kap. 8 gennemgnang Engelsk Rasmus Elmholt
23. okt Onsdag Kap. 9 gennemgnang Kap. 9 læsning Rasmus Elmholt
24. apr Torsdag Kap. 10 gennemgang Kap. 11 gennemgang Rasmus Elmholt
25. apr Fredag Final Fri!! Rasmus Elmholt


IP Adresser

CCNA Routing & Switching semester 2 curriculum

Undervisnings materialer


Bøger til CCNA


Cisco Packet tracer

NB: Packet Tracer findes også til Linux. Kan hentes på Cisco Network Academy

Cisco Packet tracer

Packet Tracer is a Cisco router simulator that can be utilized in training and education, but also in research for simple computer network simulations. The tool is created by Cisco Systems and provided for free distribution to faculty, students, and alumni who are or have participated in the Cisco Networking Academy. The purpose of Packet Tracer is to offer students and teachers a tool to learn the principles of networking as well as develop Cisco technology specific skills.

Download Packet Tracer

VZoRu377ajE|212|left|Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer}}

Packet tracer activities

Download the activities and open them in packet tracer to start the activity.

Packet tracer tip

When starting a big network in packet tracer it may take a few minutes before all connectivity is established. To avoid that press the button Fast Forward Time a few times.

Boson subnet calculator


Cisco spil Mind Share

Netværks symboler

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